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Andra from Singapore writes: Hello to everybody, my dear friends! Do you remember me six months ago complaining that my husband often had "fails in sex"? Even when I do a blowjob and masturbate, his "friend" does not become alive, or cums very quickly, literally 1-3 minutes

And after all, while watching porn movies so there they are horny like bayonets, strong and resilient.

I have followed your advice and my husband tried everything: from Viagra and many other pills to yoga and other different tantric rituals. Nonsense! The penis was so weak and remained. As we had sex for 1-3 minutes so it remained!

So on the whole I came to term with it and blamed it all on my husband's genetics and physical health. Perhaps it is all based on the genetic layer. I noticed that this complex started to proceed just in front of me... As a result, I stopped wanting it because I understood that there would be "nothing" and we both me and my husband would be unsatisfied.

Salvation came unexpectedly.

After six months I came across an interview with a porn actor John Sins from "BRAZZERS" studio (I am sure you have heard about him) in one popular magazine. He just said that a man can havesex for two hours,respectively, and will be horny! That is what I need I thought.

According to him for such a long term sex he himself uses a complex of special natural extracts and even plain extracts. In his list there are Peruvian maca roots, oyster extract, man plant roots, seahorse extract. Yeah, what an impressive list I thought... But after reading that interview to the end I realized that everything was much more simple! It turns out that there are special capsules, which contain all those rare components!! After taking these capsules production of sex hormones increases by a factor of hundreds. Thanks to this the horn will be like a stone and the duration of sex will be like porn actors have.

Johny recommended to use this solution - "Hooligan". According to him, he uses the drug of this company and it really works, others are a fake.

Just after reading the article, I immediately ran to order it. In Singapore there is the only one certified company which sells this solution. There is a link to their web site..

So I have made an order, I got the package by post in some days by cash on delivery. Everything is safe.

What is the result?

I opened the box, read the recommendations and in the evening I quietly added it to my husband's meal, then I took all my clothes off... Only in 5 minutes after he had finished having his supper he started looking at me with "hungry" eyes and there was a sizeable hill in his pants.

Then he ran at me: we were having sex for 1 hour and 47 minutes, his penis was like a STONE all the time! When the moment of orgasm came ...... OMG....WE WERE SCREAMING TOGETHER, THE BLISS WAS REALLY COSMIC!!!! I have never experienced such for the whole of my life! Of course I believed that there would be a result but I did not expect that it would be SO great. I could not even imagine that.

But I went further and decided to check whether it affects women too. But I went further and decided to check whether it affects women too. We both drank it me and my husband. That was AWESOME. From only his glanceI became wet "beneath"... well ... you understand. I wanted him madly! In sum it is like a sexual magnet for girls. That is for boys to know)))

So it happens this way. I would never think that any plants or extracts may affect a body in such a way. Besides, there is an information that these capsules influence the penis growth. - So, I will check it with my husband in some week :) The price of this solution is equal to two cinema tickets. Decide it by yourselves whether it is too much or not. Including the fact of futility of this movie. APPLY HUGE RESOURCES TO PLEASURE..

So, my friends i advice you to try these capsules! Both to boys and girls! Good luck to you! If somebody has already tried it then write your comments.

P. S.: For you to know, the package is well packed, without any lettering, everything is anonymous ;)


Farhad Safuddin| 3 days ago

Well you husband made it))) I did not expect such a posting)) according to the topic I have been using these capsules for a year already. Totally satisfied. Long term sex, hard horn, girls tack on!)) hooligan is the best!!!!

Rizieq Kristono| 3 days ago

Thanks Andra. Yesterday I received the package at the post office. Everything is OK. I have already "tested" it)) sex is for 1 hour, penis is like a soldier, always on posting-AWESOME)))

Iskhan Qusni| 3 days ago

My brother lives in the USA and says that these capsules are VERY popular there... Everybody is delighted.

Atallah Sabescou| 2 days ago

Hello Andra! hooligan is impressive! Well done! I am going to order it for my husband).

Fajar Sulostomo| 2 days ago

I have been already using it for the second week. I did not expect such an EFFECT. Truly. This is AWESOME

Bastian Lusni| 2 days ago

Hello Andra! I have ordered them for my husband and I am not against them LOL... Now I can not wait when I receive the package.:)

Joko| 2 days ago

I got the announcement. Now I am gonna go and receive it. I will write you soon about the results

Rizieq Al-Namri| 2 days ago

Your husband is stunning! I want it that way too))

Alifia Krisnawati| 1 day ago

В In the USA people have already been using these capsules for several years. There is a result I suppose..